Nordicity Launches Social and Economic Impact Study in Nunavik Region
Posted by Nordicity on Jul 10, 2013

OTTAWA – July 2013 - Nordicity was retained by the Kativik Regional Government to provide a social and economic impact assessment of changes in connectivity in various scenarios on users, the economy and broader Nunavik society. Nordicity is implementing a number of strategies to understand the current and future connectivity issues in the Region including a survey of community, regional and residential subscribers/users, focus groups with key stakeholders, and follow-up interviews of key stakeholders for clarifications.

As part of this mandate, Nordicity has also launched a combined literature review and benchmarking study of other similar jurisdictions. 

Nordicity is also in the process of developing an economic impact assessment (EIA) model of jobs and expenditures for the Nunavik Region for three connectivity scenarios considered: (i) enhanced connectivity, (ii) status quo and, (iii) reduced connectivity.

As an initial precursor study of economic impact study, we will first develop an estimate of the size of the Nunavik economy and the linkages among the various sectors within Nunavik and with the global economy.

About Nordicity:  Founded in 1979, Nordicity is a leading full-service telecommunications, media and ICT consultancy, serving businesses and regulators around the world from our three offices in Ottawa, Toronto and London (UK).  For more information, contact Stuart Jack (Partner), (613) 234 0120.