Nordicity to develop Calgary’s Digital Media Sector Strategy
Posted by Carly Frey on Jun 07, 2017

Nordicity has been commissioned by Calgary Economic Development to conduct market research to produce a future-facing, cost-effective and sustainable Digital Media Strategy for Calgary, including an in-depth profiling of the sector

The new strategy will focus on support for business, trade and investment activities which will ultimately contribute to Calgary’s digital media sector and the overall Calgary economy. Emphasis will be placed first on understanding the size and scope of the digital media sector in the Calgary region, as well as at the provincial level. The study will also outline the steps Calgary needs to take to be designated as a key digital media hub in North America, including developing action items for attracting investment from existing and new market entrants.

The objective of the strategy is to not only strengthen the sector, but assist in identifying current gaps and generating quality employment in the region. To this end, the study will also identify digital capacity and digital-related objectives of Calgary-based cultural organization, assess the potential economic value of enhanced connectivity to digital media companies in Calgary, and consider the potential redeployment of Calgary’s (and Alberta’s) labour force for the benefit of the digital media sector.

Nordicity will conduct the study using a mixed-methods approach, conducted in four stages. The first two stages centre around defining the sector and profiling the current sector in Calgary. The final two stages focus on strategic analysis of the opportunities and challenges facing the sector and, to effectively address these, the development of a digital media strategy.

Nordicity’s Project Manager for the Calgary Digital Media Strategy is Carly Frey, Managing Director, Nordicity West: