Nordicity to conduct a situational analysis of arts and culture in Pakistan
Posted by Carly Frey on Apr 05, 2018

As part of the British Council’s implementation of its new, global impact statements, Nordicity has been commissioned to conduct a situational analysis of arts and culture in Pakistan. This work will guide strategic programming in the country by both the Council and its partners, as well as contribute to international evidence of the impact of the arts in the face of social/cultural norms, digital technology, policy/institutional constraints, and beyond.

The study will include an analysis of direct/indirect effects of arts and cultural interventions, root causes of particular constraints related to these, as well as recommendations on short-, medium- and long-term interventions (by both the British Council and other organisations) required to achieve results. Additionally, the study will identify existing and prospective donors (and their objectives) and key knowledge gaps.

The four-phase project includes an in-depth environmental scan of existing literature describing various aspects of policy and programming which have impacted arts and culture in Pakistan. Primary research will also be conducted, including in-person interviews and a comprehensive online survey. Particular attention will be paid to the experience of young people, emerging professionals, women and girls, and persons with disabilities. The final report will include a policy brief by which to influence UK, global, regional, national and/or community development priorities and interventions.

The project will commence immediately and will conclude in the summer of 2018.

Nordicity’s Project Manager for the British Council’s Situational Analysis of Arts and Culture is Carly