Nordicity to compare municipal investment and special events support in six local governments for the City of Vancouver.

Nordicity, in partnership with ConnectSeven Group and GainingEdge, has been commissioned by the City of Vancouver to assess the comparative municipal investment in arts and culture, special events frameworks and destination events strategies across six local governments: Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, and Seattle.  

The Project Team will work closely with the City to conduct research and provide findings that will help the City benchmark service provisions as it moves forward with the development of the Creative City StrategyThe team will employ a four-phase methodology with data collection centring on quantitative and qualitative analysis of key City documents, budgets and administrative from all 6 municipalities. The research will be supplemented by 1:1 interviews with key informants from Vancouver and comparator cities 

The outcomes of this research will provide the City of Vancouver with relevant information to develop a strategic roadmap for the funding and development of arts,culture and events-related inititiaves.  It will also support the City of Vancouver to: 

  • Identify where Vancouver’s competitive strengths lie in cultivating the arts and culture and events sectors;   
  • Strategize how it can address key challenges that inhibit the growth of the sector; 
  • Assist in providing a decision-making framework for special events and destination event development; 
  • Inform the operating structure for arts, culture and special events administration; and, 
  • Provide intelligence to lead recommendations pertaining to the Creative City Strategy, a Special Events Framework, and a Destination Events Strategy. 

The project will commence immediately and will conclude in the spring of 2019. Nordicity’s Project Manager for this project is Carly 

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