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Nordicity to conduct an Impact Evaluation for the British Council’s Connect for Creativity Project 

Nordicity to conduct an Impact Evaluation for the British Council’s Connect for Creativity Project 

Nordicity has been commissioned by the British Council to undertake an impact evaluation of Connect for Creativity, an 18-month project led by the British Council, in partnership with three creative hubs – ATÖLYE in Turkey, Bios in Greece, Nova Iskra in Serbia and Abdullah Gül University in Turkey. 

The project is co-funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey, through the Intercultural Dialogue programme that is led by the Yunus Emre Institute. Connect for Creativity aims to form a network of creative hubs across Europe to foster creative exploration and collaboration that contributes to building a more cohesive, open and connected civil society. Students, academics, artists, technologists, creative professionals, policy makers and general public across Europe will have an opportunity to form international networks and collaborations, exchange knowledge and skills and participate in creative exploration 

The Project Team will develop a monitoring and evaluation plan utilizing a bespoke mixed-methods approach for the development of a monitoring and evaluation plan, data collection and reporting. Nordicity will develop a custom framework tconduct an assessment of the programme’s impact as well as a Value for Money analysisThis approach, bolstered through engagement with project partners and key stakeholders, will identify priorities for future partnerships between partnering cultural hubs in Turkey, Greece, Serbia and the UK.  The impact evaluation will also seek to answer questions around awareness of opportunities for intercultural dialogue, and the impact of the programme on perception changes towards partnerships with cultural hubs in other countries.  

The project will conclude in July 2020.Nordicity’s Project Manager for this project is Carly Frey:  

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